Eric Tsang recently laughed off rumours that son Derek Tsang and his actress wife Venus Wong have called it quits on their marriage.

The TVB Executive, who appeared alongside his said daughter-in-law at the press conference of her new series, stated that the rumour came out a day after he had dinner with the two of them.

“Maybe they got divorce that day and got married again the next day,” he said with a laugh.

Asked if he attended the press conference with Venus in order to quell the rumour, Eric said that he is not worried at all about the couple.

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TVB Executive Eric Tsang attended the press conference of daughter-in-law Venus’ new drama

“These things are funny. When we are in the entertainment industry, there will always be some kind of news. But it’s better than no news at all. It’s always a rumour, so treat it as a joke,” he said.

Earlier, Venus and Derek were rumoured to have separated, after netizens noticed that her six-ring tattoos that she had on her fingers to mark her marriage to the director seemed to have been removed.

The actress later explained that the tattoos had to be covered with make-up whenever she is filming a drama and that she and her husband are doing fine.

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Derek has nine lines to signify the month of their marriage, while Venus has six to mark the day

(Photo Source: Derek Tsang Instagram, Oriental Daily)