Dee Hsu recently stated that she has not much to say about her former brother-in-law, who blasted her on social media after she spoke about Barbie Hsu on her show.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked earlier this week, after Dee released a teaser for the next episode of “Miss Bu Xidi”, in which she recounted the moment she was told by Barbie that the latter has somebody new.

In it, Dee said she made the correct guess in naming DJ Koo Jun-Yup as Barbie’s new man, and then stated that the two always cared for each other and had deep regrets when they were forced to separate.

Seemingly annoyed by the said promo, Barbie’s ex-husband, Wang Xiaofei shared the said clip on Weibo and wrote, “Yeah? You guessed it? When? Did you take too much medicine today?”

Wang also left several comments under the post, saying that Dee has been showing off and using her sister’s story while Barbie has made no comments since her new marriage.

He also wrote, “I want the children and I won’t allow them to call someone I don’t know ‘dad’. But I have already quarantined myself five times. If I go back there again, I am only insulting myself. Hsi Yueh and Hsi Lin are my flesh and blood.”

In response to Wang, Dee expressed through her agent, “If people slander me, it is better to tolerate than to argue. If people insult me, it is better to resolve than to prevent.”

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Wang Xiaofei, Barbie and Dee in better days

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu Instagram, SINA)