Carla Abellana recently stated that she is taking legal action against a brand for illegally using her image to advertise their product.

Sharing the news on Instagram Story, the actress shared a screenshot of the said ad that was posted on social media that used two of her images to promote what seemed to be a slimming product.

The ad read, “Get back in shape. No exercise. No dieting. Safe and effective. Made in Japan and trusted by everyone.”

“Hello, everyone! Please be advised that I do not, never did and never will use this brand and these products with [advertisements] circulating all over social media, particularly on [Facebook],” she wrote.

“This is false advertisement and the page owner has ignored my personal request to remove the ad. I can now proceed to take legal action against them,” she added.

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Carla: This is false advertisement!

(Photo Source: Carla Abellana Instagram, Inquirer)