Benjamin Yuen would like people to stop mulling over too much on his previous interview about lacking confidence to pursue Niki Chow.

As reported on Skypost, the actor, who appeared at the press conference of his new series, “ICAC Investigators 2022”, stated that he knew that his statement in the said interview would go viral as soon as it came out.

In a recent interview with Bob Lam, Benjamin revealed that he first met Niki at a subway back when she was a model and he was yet to become an actor. When the actress asked him why he did not pursue her then, Benjamin said that he wouldn’t dare with only 20 dollars in his pocket.

“Actually, it was just for dramatic effect,” he explained to the media, regarding the interview. “What matters is that this happened 25 or 26 years ago. People don’t have to be so serious.”

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Benjamin is happily married to Bowie Cheung

It is noted that both Niki and Benjamin are now married, with the actor tying the knot with actress Bowie Cheung in 2020.

On the other hand, the actor revealed that he is excited for his new series, since it would be the first time that he is involved in the said franchise.

“But I don’t have too many action scenes in the drama, mainly chase scenes,” he added.

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Benjamin and Sisley Choi star in the 2022 version of ‘ICAC Investigators’

(Photo Source: Benjamin Yuen Instagram, U Lifestyle)