Despite many fans hoping to see the two of them reconcile, Barbie Imperial recently revealed that she and Diego Loyzaga are not back together.

The actress, who was recently seen out together with Diego and had a playful exchange on social media, spoke about the rumour on the morning talk show, “Magandang Buhay”, saying that the two of them are still friends.

“We did not get back together. Just friends… only joking around,” she said.

The “joking around” comment was referring to their recent banter on Instagram, when Barbie commented “I’m the one you wasted, by the way” to Diego, who likened her to DC Comics’ Poison Ivy when she showed off her red hair on social media last month.

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Diego commented on this particular photo of Barbie that had fans excited

“Actually, before the exchange of comments, we talked when he came back from the States,” she added.

In the same interview, the actress revealed that it took her a week before she told her mother about the breakup, saying that she had to deal with her emotions on her own first so not to affect her mother.

“When I’m hurt, my mum would feel double the pain. So, I kept it to myself, and when I thought I could handle it and was sure that we really are no longer together, I told my mum about it,” she said, adding that she is much happier now three months since the breakup.

(Photo Source: Barbie Imperial Instagram)