Barbie Hsu’s camp has denied another rumour regarding the actress’ marriage with South Korean entertainer Koo Jun-Yup.

Netizens recently speculated that the actress will be holding a private wedding ceremony in Taipei, despite previously saying that she would be doing no such thing, after a well-known South Korean visual artist shared a photo of a wedding gift for the couple.

The said artist, Kim Ji-Hee, shared the said gift, which is an artwork piece called “Sealed Smile”, on social media, writing, “The artwork piece heading to Taiwan tomorrow. The work is a wedding trunk exclusively painted as a marriage gift for Koo Jun-Yup (DJ Koo), who I gratefully thank for his support during 10 years of my work. I sincerely hope Koo Jun-Yup and Barbie Hsu couple lifetime preciously glares like a fine gem.”

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The said artwork made for the couple

Clarifying the rumour, Barbie’s manager Liao Weiqi stated that the painting was just a gift from an artist friend of DJ Koo, and that the couple loved it very much.

“The two have already decided not to have a wedding from the beginning, and this matter has not changed,” Liao added. gif maker 3 1
The couple have previously stated that they are not holding a wedding

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Weibo, Barbie Hsu InstagramKoo Jun-Yup Instagram)