Barbie Hsu has recently dismissed rumours that South Korean husband Koo Jun-Yup has been repatriated due to a lack of Police Criminal Record Certificate.

On 10 April, the actress’ studio released a statement on Weibo regarding the said rumour, saying that the couple didn’t know that the DJ has to prepare his said certificate in order to apply for residential permit following their marriage.

However, they assured that Koo’s family in Korea is currently applying for it.

As for the reports that Koo will be “repatriated” in May, the studio stated, “When he was in Korea, he negotiated a performance in New York in mid-May. The trip was originally planned before the marriage. He will be flying directly to New York.”

“The trip has already been arranged earlier. There is no such thing as repatriation,” the studio added.

Barbie’s camp also shared several screenshots from previous articles about Koo, and expressed hope that the media and netizens alike will respect their privacy and not spread false information.

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DJ Koo will be performing in New York in May

(Photo Source: Koo Jun-Yup Instagram, Global Times)