Alice Hirose recently announced that she is taking a break from her showbiz activity to focus on her health.

As reported on Iza, the Japanese actress shared the news on 25 April with a tweet that read, “I’ve been running through for the past few years, but it seems that I need a little rest. I’m strong, so I’m overconfident that it’s okay to sleep in my spare moments.”

Alice also apologised for causing any concerns about her health, and to those who are waiting for her performance in the stage play, “Bara to Samurai 2”.

“I will come back healthy and more energetic, so please continue to watch “Koimaiji” and “Tantei ga Hayasugiri”,” she added, referring to her two new dramas.

It is noted that the former has already been filmed and is currently being broadcast, while the latter, a detective-themed drama which she co-stars alongside Kenichi Takito is still filming at the time being.

Alice also assured that she will finish filming “Tantei ga Hayasugiri” properly until the end.

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Her drama ‘Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Dousuruno?’ is currently airing

(Photo Source: Alice Hirose Twitter, Cinema Today)