Alice Chan recently revealed that she will be postponing her marriage plans with fiancé Dr Aldous Chan following her father’s passing.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who spoke to the media about her recent loss, shared that she and Aldous have discussed the situation and came to the conclusion that the marriage registration should be postponed so that she can mourn her father.

“There is no new date for the time being, but my fiancé understands and is supportive of me,” she added.

It is noted that Alice and Aldous were originally set to register their marriage this month, having already applied for their notice of intended marriage.

As for the funeral, Alice said that the family has opted for a simple ceremony.

The actress announced the sad news about her father back on 6 April with a special post on Instagram dedicated for him.

“Dad was my mountain and my strongest support. In days without you, I will continue to remember you and cherish the moment,” she added.

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Alice and Aldous got engaged last year

(Photo Source: Alice Chan Instagram)