Vivian Hsu recently revealed that she has already received apologies from both Wang Leehom and his ex-wife Lee Jinglei.

As reported on HK01, the Taiwanese singer, who was dragged into the controversy surrounding Leehom and Jinglei’s divorce earlier, spoke about the issue recently, saying that it was all in the past.

“I am not the type of person to slap you back after you’ve slapped me. I will only issue a statement. I feel that I have properly expressed what I needed to fulfil my responsibilities to the public and the rest should be personal,” she said.

Asked if she received an apology from Leehom over the brouhaha, she responded, “Yes.”

As for Jinglei, Vivian said that the former Mrs Wang Leehom insinuated the apology, as in no specific names were mentioned.

“I think that was the logical way to do it,” she said.

Vivian then stressed that she would now only focus on her upcoming concert.

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Vivian says Jinglei insinuated the apology

(Photo Source: Vivian Hsu Instagram, Lee Jinglei Instagram)