TVB recently announced several of its new projects at the Hong Kong International Film & Television Market (FILMART) and now fans are speculating whether Linda Chung will be making another comeback soon.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the broadcaster has released several promotional posters of its upcoming dramas, which include several sequels to its hit 2021 series like “Sinister Beings” and “Murder Diary”.

While TVB fans already knew that the two said titles would be having sequels, it came as a surprise that there will also be a sequel to the hit 2021 drama, “Kids’ Lives Matter”.

It is noted that the said series was one of the strongest dramas last year, boasting a slew of comeback stars like Kevin Cheng, Him Law, Catherine Chau and Linda Chung, in addition to TVB’s current top star Kenneth Ma.

The drama also sparked controversy after Linda, who was one of the favourites to win TV Queen, lost to “Battle of Seven Sisters” star Rosina Lam.

Now that TVB is announcing a sequel to the said series, many are speculating whether Linda will return with a vengeance.

However, it is noted that Linda has already shared in a previous interview that she has no issue returning for another drama, although not in the short term, as she wants to focus on her two children.

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Linda Chung with her ‘Kids’ Lives Matter’ co-stars

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram, Oriental Daily)