It looks like Tsuyoshi Kusanagi is set to star in another instalment of his Revenge series.

As reported on Liberty Times, the 47-year-old Japanese singer-actor has been offered to be the lead in the third part of the series, to be broadcasted by Kansai TV.

Speaking about the project, he said, “I was happy and was pleasantly surprised to be able to work with Kansai TV again, because I started with Kansai TV in 1997 through “Ii Hito”. This is where I started, and it is also my new starting point.”

It is noted that the upcoming series will be his first Kansai TV drama since leaving his management, Johnny & Associates in 2017.

Kusanagi also stated that he heard a lot of people had wanted to see the sequel to the previous two dramas, “War of Money” and “War of Lies”, and that he would do his best to give a great performance in the upcoming project.

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Kusanagi in 2017’s ‘War of Lies’

(Photo Source: Tsuyoshi Kusanagi Instagram, Sirabee)