As it was speculated, Shah Rukh Khan’s recent OTT announcement was nothing more than a promo for Disney+ Hotstar.

A day after breaking the internet with a supposed new streaming platform called SRK+, the actor posted a video on social media, revealing that it was all a prank.

The video started with SRK and Anurag Kashyap watching the news about SRK+, and the former asking the latter for his suggestion on what shows they should make for his OTT platform.

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Nope, no SRK+, guys. Sorry

As he began sharing one idea after another, Anurag was told that all of those shows have already been pitched to Disney+ Hotstar. It ended with a voiceover saying that everything is already on the said platform.

While many previously expressed elation with the idea of SRK+, it is noted that a variety of news outlets have already predicted that there would be no such thing and that it could just be a promo or an extension of his collaboration with Disney+ Hotstar.

Meanwhile, Salman Khan, who was excited for the SRK+ announcement earlier, took to social media in good humour, writing, “Do not underestimate two things in life – Shah Rukh Khan and his sense of humour. Whether SRK+ releases or not, I enjoyed this a lot.”

Watch the video here: