Shah Rukh Khan seems determined to break the internet, as he recently shared his first look for the upcoming movie, “Pathaan”.

The Bollywood star, who will turn 57 this year, recently posted a shirtless photo of himself, complete with a man-bun, and wrote, “You can stop Shah Rukh, but how will you stop Pathaan… I will make abs and apps both.”

The said post was immediately flooded with comments from fans and friends alike, including good friend and director Farah Khan, who wrote, “This is just beautiful… so jealous its not for my film.”

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Wife Gauri is very satisfied

The photo was later shared by wife Gauri, who wrote, “Loving the Pathaan vibe”, as well as daughter Suhana, who captioned the photo, “Uhhh my dad is 56…we are not allowed excuses.”

It is noted that SRK is currently shooting the movie in Spain, with the movie scheduled for release on 25 January next year.

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This chiseled photo of SRK made the internet rounds earlier