Although it’s been three years since the movie halted following director Doze Niu’s sexual assault charges, Richie Jen stated that he is still working hard to restart the production of “Pao Ma”.

As reported on HK01, the actor, who spoke to the media at an endorsement event recently, shared that he had been planning to buy the copyright and complete the film since 2019, but that it has yet to come to fruition due to factors such as copyright, budget, and convincing the investors.

“But just like the French title of the movie, I will “Never Give Up”. I hope to complete the film as best as I could, because the actors have also made great efforts for the film,” he said.

It is noted that Richie previously gained a lot of weight to play the lead in “Pao Ma”.

Asked if he would be visiting Doze in prison, Richie said that he will be doing so as soon as the filmmaker is allowed to have visitors.

Doze was sentenced to four years imprisonment, which began in November last year, after he was found guilty of sexual assault. The movie, which began filming in 2018, was halted because of that.

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Richie will visit Doze as soon as the latter is allowed to have visitors

(Photo Source: Richie Jen Instagram, HK01)