Regine Velasquez recently opened up about her marriage with Ogie Alcasid, saying that she still carries the guilt in her heart for being the third party in his previous marriage.

The singer, whose relationship with her husband started as an affair while he was still married to beauty queen Michelle Van Eimeren, shared in the recent episode of “Magandang Buhay” that there is always a possibility of loving the wrong person.

“We were good friends. I didn’t mean it to happen,” she said. “Like you said, you don’t choose who you love. It’s like, do I want to do that on purpose? Do I want someone to get hurt?”

Confessing how much she regretted the decision, Regine stated that she would do things differently if she is given a chance to turn back time.

“I love my husband, but if I could turn back time, maybe I would have preferred that we didn’t hurt others, that no children suffered because we wanted to be together,” she said, referring to Ogie’s children with Michelle, Leila and Sarah.

Regine added that she would still feel guilty whenever she thought about it, adding that she still had hurt people even when it was the last thing she wanted.

Despite her guilt, it is noted that Regine and Ogie are now on friendly terms with Ogie’s ex-wife, who would hang out with the couple whenever she visits the Philippines from Australia. Ogie and Regine were also invited to and had attended Michelle’s wedding in Australia in 2009.

Ogie and Regine subsequently got married in 2010 and welcomed their son Nathaniel James the next year.

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Regine and Ogie with their son Nate

(Photo Source: Regine Velasquez Instagram)