After announcing that they have called it quits on their marriage, things seemed to take a turn for Taiwanese singer R. Chord and online streamer, Liya (also known as Chen Xiangni).

On 16 March, the singer (real name Hsieh Ho-Hsien) shared a meme on Facebook, which depicted Barbie Hsu overtaking him in a run, with the words “Divorced after 11 months” written below his image and “Married after four months of divorce” below the actress’s face.

He wrote, “Pfft, I am going to be a dad. Hope it’s a daughter.”

After fans expressed surprise over the news and asked if he was joking, R. Chord posted an ultrasound image in the comments section, captioning it, “Hello.”

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R. Chord shares the meme on his Facebook that he beats Barbie hands down
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Liya confirmed the news with the ultrasound photo

The news was also confirmed by Liya, who shared a similar image on her Instagram, and wrote, “Thank you for your concern.”

On the other hand, when the media asked if she and R. Chord will continue on with their divorce, Liya only responded that the child will be the priority.

It was back on 7 March that Liya announced on social media that she and R. Chord have officially separated after only 11 months of marriage, after she accused the singer of cheating on her with musician Maxine Chi.

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The couple got married less than a year ago

(Photo Source: R. Chord Facebook, Liya Instagram)