Nearly seven years following their breakup, Philip Ng recently decided to open up about his past relationship with Linda Chung, admitting that her popularity was the reason why they had to keep it quiet.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared alongside good friend Andy On on the TVB show, “Bong Bong Amigo”, shared that there were times that he felt frustrated by the fact that he was known as Linda Chung’s rumoured boyfriend for several years, even after he signed with Wong Jing and began working in movies.

When asked why he did not give up on the relationship, Philip said, “It was actually okay. We were happy. But I had to remain a secret because of her work. I was fine with it.”

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The two first worked together in ‘Love is All Around’

Philip stated that Linda could have been stressed out due to the secretive nature of their relationship.

“I understand that she was very popular at the time, and I was just a small actor. It doesn’t matter. The industry was that way. But sometimes it’s too much and it hurts me in the end,” he said.

His story also resonated with Andy, who previously dated Jennifer Tse and was only known in the past as the actress’ boyfriend. Andy is now married to model Jessica Cambensy, while Philip remains single.

Philip and Linda were first rumoured to be in love after the two worked together in the 2007 movie, “Love is All Around”. Their relationship was an open secret in the industry, but they eventually broke off. Linda later married Canada-based chiropractor Jeremy Leung in 2015.

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Linda and Jeremy are parents to two children now

(Photo Source: Linda Chung Instagram, HK01)