Denying divorce rumours once was not enough for celebrity couple Nicky Wu and Cecilia Liu, who recently decided to release a joint statement to ensure fans that they are still very much together.

On 27 February, both Cecilia and Nicky went on their respective Weibo accounts to share the previous official statement from their lawyer regarding the false rumours about their marital woes.

The short statement read, “Our lives are our own. We didn’t want to respond publicly, but it has disturbed our lives, as well as our family and friends. Please do not spread false remarks.”

“We have been doing well. Thank you for your concern.”

The whole brouhaha started when a blogger drew a series of cartoons, hinting that a celebrity couple – consists of an older male star and a pale-faced female star were having a marital issue, adding that the said male celebrity was having a secret relationship with his assistant for ten years prior to dating his wife.

Nicky and Cecilia met on the set of the 2011 hit drama, “Scarlet Heart”, and went public with their relationship in 2013. They registered their marriage in 2015 and welcomed their child in 2019.

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The couple met on the set of 2011’s ‘Scarlet Heart’

(Photo Source: SINA, HT9)