Nogizaka46 member Nakanishi Aruno is now suspended from activities, amid the alleged scandal surrounding her past.

The news was announced by the management, stating that they have already spoken to the singer and that both parties have agreed for her to suspend activities for a period of time.

They stated that while some of the statements released on social media were her own, others involving “acts that violate the sound development of youth and remarks on social media” were not made by her. The company stressed that they will take countermeasures against slander.

The 18-year-old singer also posted her own message about the issue, apologising to fans for all the confusion and distrust.

“I was trying to maintain my physical and mental health by venting all frustrations of my daily life. Looking back now, there are many terrible posts and I really regret them. I think a lot of people were offended by my past posts. I’m really sorry,” she expressed.

Nakanishi, who was made the new centre for the said group for their 29th single, “Actually” earlier, recently made headlines after netizens dug up “evidence” of her alleged sordid past from old social media posts – from her supposed racist tweets, insulting posts about the disabled, to alleged past work servicing sugar daddies.

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Nakanishi Aruno is suspended for the time being

(Photo Source: Nakanishi Aruno Instagram, IT Media)