WINNER member Song Min-Ho (Mino) recently opened up about his mental health struggle, and revealed that he has been diagnosed with panic disorder and bipolar disorder.

Talking about his condition on an episode of “Oh Eun-Young’s Gold Counseling Centre”, the performer stated that he was diagnosed with the two disorders in 2017, after experiencing panic attacks that made it difficult for him to breathe.

“That is when I began to see a doctor. I was diagnosed with panic and bipolar disorder, so now I receive treatment and medicine for them,” he said.

To make things harder, it was during the peak of his career, when Mino was filming a variety of shows like “Journey to the West” and “Kang’s Kitchen”.

“It was really hard. I would cry when nobody was watching after during filming breaks, and then go back to shoot again. Life felt tragic whenever the camera stops rolling,” he added.

He also admitted that being home alone was the hardest, and that the reason he didn’t share it before was because he was afraid that people won’t understand, and that he would rather not show his weak side to others.

Mino’s confession surprised even the other members of WINNERS, who stated that they never knew about it beforehand.

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Mino is a part of WINNER

(Photo Source: Mino Instagram, Kpopmap)