Jackie Chan has recently expressed his interest to work with box-office prince, Tom Holland, after hearing how the actor was inspired by him in filming a scene in his new movie, “Uncharted”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, earlier, Holland shared in an interview that he paid tribute to Jackie via several fight scenes in the film.

“One of our big inspirations for one of the fight scenes in this film, which is the bar fight, was Jackie Chan using his surroundings to fight people in very unique and different ways,” Holland explained.

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Jackie thanked Tom Holland for the tribute

He also shared several other instances, including one in which he performed a stunt where he jumped from a high ceiling to the ground at an auction house.

Jackie, who found out about Holland’s tribute, responded recently by praising the actor for being amazing, but also reminded the young Holland to be careful while doing stunts.

“I’m thrilled that Chinese kung fu movies have fans all around the world. Thank you for your support, and I hope I can work with Holland in the future,” he added.

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Tom Holland admits to be inspired by Jackie Chan in doing his stunts

(Photo Source: Tom Holland Instagram, Oriental Daily)