Following the viral video of a man lashing out in drunkenness in a Taipei restaurant, Taiwan-based Malaysian singer Gary Chaw recently took to social media to address the said issue.

It was recently that a netizen shared a video in which a man can be heard screaming and shouting foul words and being out of control in a restaurant, with the poster saying “‘a well known singer causing trouble during his drunken state”.

However, it should be noted that Gary was not seen in the said clip.

On 10 March, the singer posted a statement on his Instagram, saying that he will keep quiet and let the Taiwan police investigate the incident.

“I respect the Taiwanese police and the law and am willing to bear all the consequences,” he wrote.

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At the same time, Gary also expressed hope that the people who released the video to fact check the situation before sharing the news about the incident in order not to mislead the public.

“Everything has been handed over to the police and no reply will be made after that. Thank you again to those who are concerned,” he added.

Reportedly, the incident occurred after Gary asked the guests in the room next door to lower their voices after being too loud. However, the singer allegedly lost control after he was insulted by the other party.

(Photo Source: Gary Chaw Instagram)