Four months after announcing her divorce from business tycoon Wang Xiaofei, many were surprised when it was revealed that Barbie Hsu is set to tie the knot with South Korean DJ, Koo Jun-Yup.

According to Epoch Times, the news was first shared by Koo, who was a member of the electronic duo CLON, writing, “I am getting married with a person I fell in love with more than 20 years ago. We would like to continue this precious love.”

“When I heard the news of her divorce, I searched for her number from 20 years ago to call her on a whim. Fortunately, she still had the same number.”

Koo said that both he and Barbie are at an age where they cannot waste time, so he suggested that they get married.

“She said yes, so we will be living together after registering our marriage. Please congratulate me on my late marriage,” he added.

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Barbie shared Koo’s post on her Instagram

Barbie then confirmed the news by sharing Koo’s statement on Instagram, writing, “Life is impermanent. I cherish the happiness of the moment. Thank you for letting me get to where I am now step by step.”

Barbie and Koo reportedly had been in a relationship in the late ’90s, but that it ended after a year, reportedly due to Koo wanting to keep it private. Koo did, however, spoke about the romance in a variety show in 2009.

Barbie and Koo had dated in the past

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Instagram, Koo Jun-Yup Instagram, Next Magazine)