Amid rumours that the two have reconciled, Diego Loyzaga recently clarified that he and Barbie Imperial are just friends.

According to Cosmo, the actor, who sparked reconciliation rumours after he and Barbie were spotted dining at a restaurant together, said as much when asked about it, adding, “We are friends in talking terms.”

“We said that in the get-go. As soon as we came up with the news, as soon as Barbie told ABS that we have broken up. She said we didn’t end on bad terms. Although I’m sure a lot of people have stories that would say otherwise, even close friends of ours, nobody else knows except the two of us,” he said.

As to whether he and Barbie may give their relationship another shot, Diego said that it depends on their feelings in the future.

“Right now, I have nothing but love. I have nothing but love to give,” he added.

“I’m not saying that couples who break up and then hate each other in the end are immature, because they may have a bigger problem that they can’t get back, or they can’t talk back to each other anymore. I’d like to think they need more time to make things better. But we’re definitely in talking terms,” he said.

Barbie and Diego announced their relationship in early 2021, but confirmed their breakup in February this year.

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The two were spotted dining together recently

(Photo Source: Diego Loyzaga Instagram, PH)