Dee Hsu is one welcoming sister-in-law, having interacted with her new brother-in-law, the South Korean performer DJ Koo Jun-Yup via social media since he arrived in Taiwan.

In her latest post as she awaits the end of Koo’s two-week quarantine, the TV personality shared a video of her in a white jacket and dark shades as she performed a dance and proceeded to sing (and rap!) CLON’s “Bling Bling Bling” while the person who recorded the video tried his/her best not to laugh.

“Oppa, sarang heyo,” Dee said after performing the dance and then made a comment that her sister would definitely kill her for that.

“Brother-in-law,” she posted in the caption, “sister-in-law welcomes you with this dance.”

Speaking about the dance, Dee said that she has watched videos Koo’s performances as part of CLON several times and decided on a whim to record the said video.

Asked what Koo and Barbie’s reaction to the video were, she said, “I don’t know it yet.”

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Surely Koo and Barbie would be amused by Dee’s welcome

The South Korean performer will be completing his quarantine soon, and will be meeting the Hsu family afterwards. Said Dee, she found out that Koo loves spicy hot pot and so will definitely have that as a welcoming dish.

Koo Jun-Yup and Barbie Hsu announced their marriage earlier this month, much to the surprise of many.

Watch the hilarious clip here:

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