There isn’t much that Dee Hsu wanted to say about the news of sister Barbie’s marriage, telling the media that the actress has her blessings.

On 8 March, following Barbie and South Korean singer Koo Jun-Yup’s announcement of marriage, the TV personality responded to questions from the media with a short message: “Of course I bless my sister.”

It is noted that Dee last mentioned about Barbie in the recent episode of her show, “Miss Buxidi”, saying that the actress has won praises left and right for her beauty since she ended her marriage with business tycoon Wang Xiaofei late last year.

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Barbie and former boyfriend Koo announced marriage

However, Dee refrained from sharing more about Barbie, saying that she has no right to talk about the actress’ private life.

On the other hand, Taiwanese singer Aaron Yan recently had fans rolling with laughter for his comment about Barbie and Koo’s marriage.

When it was reported that the Korean DJ looked for Barbie’s old telephone number from 20 years ago to contact her after finding out that she was divorced, Aaron said, “I have changed my phone number five times for the past 20 years. No wonder I’m not married yet.”

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Aaron Yan thinks he should have not changed his phone number too many times

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu InstagramKoo Jun-Yup Instagram, Aaron Yan Instagram)