Taiwanese TV personality Dee Hsu recently assured that everything is fine with sister Barbie, whose marriage with business tycoon Wang Xiaofei ended last year.

In a recent episode of the show “Miss Buxidi”, the TV host stated that Barbie has been winning praises left and right from everyone who has met her for looking better and better since her divorce.

“Every time we go out for a meal, people will be amazed and said to her, ‘Oh my God, Barbie, how are you able to look 17?’,” said Dee. “Then when I asked about me, they said, ‘You look the same.'”

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Dee says Barbie gets a lot of compliments for her looks these days

Dee said that even her husband has the same comment about Barbie, saying that the actress looked rejuvenated.

“When I asked about me, he said that I was just fine. How can Barbie look rejuvenated while I only look fine? When he heard me, he said, ‘Because she looks younger and you’re just the way you should be.’ I should just divorce him,” she joked.

As to whether the actress will return to showbiz, Dee said that there may be opportunities in the future as Barbie has always loved being an actress.

“If one day there is a good script and a suitable director, I’m sure she will think it will be worth trying,” she added.

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Dee and Barbie are always supportive of one another

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu Instagram, Barbie Hsu Weibo)