Dee Hsu recently revealed that everything is fine now between her mother Huang Chun-Mei and elder sister Barbie Hsu, after the previous alleged conflict caused by the actress’ sudden marriage to South Korean entertainer Koo Jun-Yup.

As reported on Epoch Times, the TV personality, who appeared at a charity event on 12 March, revealed that she and Barbie recently met their mum during their weekly dinner together after missing the last get-together earlier.

She added that aside from breaking the ice, Huang also seemed to be in a good mood after watching several clips of Koo back when his group CLON appeared on Dee’s old variety programme.

“She said that her son-in-law was very handsome back then. So, I guess it was the perfect ending,” Dee stated.

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Dee and Barbie are close to their mum

As for Huang’s previous Facebook post, Dee said that she could understand her mother’s worries, but that everything is fine now.

“Us mother and daughters have a very good relationship, and as mothers, we all love our daughters. It’s impossible [for a conflict] to last long,” she said.

As for her own opinion about Barbie’s sudden marriage with Koo, Dee said that she was quite surprised by it, saying that she would never think that her sister would have someone from her past courting her only a few months after she was divorced.

“Her life is truly fantastical,” Dee said.

When asked whether Barbie will move to Korea to be with Koo, Dee said that that would be impossible, as the actress’ two children are currently studying in Taiwan.

“My brother-in-law doesn’t need to stay in one place for his job, so the possibility of him staying in Taiwan is relatively high,” she added.

(Photo Source: SOHU, Dee Hsu Instagram)