Dee Hsu has recently denied the notion that she was alleging Barbie Hsu was not in a happy marriage.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the whole misunderstanding occurred after the TV personality shared an update about sister Barbie on her show, “Miss Buxidi”, saying that the actress has been receiving praises left and right for looking much better since her divorce.

Later, Zhang Yu, a guest in that particular episode, agreed and pointed out that she has a friend who became more beautiful after the divorce. To that, Dee responded, “It can be said that she might not have been so happy in her marriage.”

Following the episode, many thought that Dee was talking about Barbie and Wang Xiaofei, that the actress had not been happy being married with the mainland business tycoon prior to their divorce – a statement that the host has since denied in an interview with the media.

Dee stated, “I was actually talking about Zhang Yu’s friend. It is impossible for me to bring up Barbie’s private affairs on a show, unless it’s about her current situation. I was not going to say anything else except how beautiful she is now.”

Dee also stressed that those who watched the show would know that her words followed Zhang Yu’s statement about the latter’s divorced friend.

“I was not talking about Barbie. I hope this will clarify the misunderstanding,” she said.

It is noted that Barbie and Wang Xiaofei announced their divorce in November last year after 11 years of marriage.

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Dee says she would never discuss Barbie’s private life on her show

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu Instagram)