Crystal Fung recently dismissed the notion that she has been “frozen” by TVB, after having just reappeared on social media after more than a month.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB actress, who appeared at the launch of the variety show, “The Show Must Go On” on 29 March, stated that she was surprised upon hearing the rumours, adding that she doesn’t even know how it started.

As to rumours that she was removed from the cast list of the upcoming drama, “Sinister Beings 2” after supposedly going against TVB’s direction, Crystal stated, “The company makes decisions and arranges my work. I don’t know anything. I just welcome any work and be happy with it.”

Crystal also added that she actually had a new project in hand earlier, but had to withdraw from it due to previous health issues.

As to rumours that TVB wants to replace her with Miss Hong Kong 2021 Sabrina Mendes, the Miss Hong Kong alumna responded, “I admire her. Work comes to those who can do it, so I will try my best.”

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Crystal is rumoured to be replaced by Sabrina Mendes

(Photo Source: Crystal Fung Instagram, Sabrina Mendes Instagram)