It looks like Barbie Hsu continues to be the rebellious child in the Hsu family, as it was revealed that even her mother Huang Chun-Mei knew nothing about her marriage to South Korean performer, Koo Jun-Yup.

As reported on Apple Daily, Huang, who was asked about the marriage, stated that she had no knowledge at all about Barbie’s new marriage and was kept in the dark since the beginning.

“I can only say that all the media think it’s impossible for me not to know, but I truly didn’t know. When she married Xiaofei, I didn’t even know what her husband looked like. She’s just like this. Born to be rebellious,” she said.

Huang stated that Barbie told her that she is now in her 40s and asked her mother to let her deal with her own business. gif maker 1 2
Barbie’s mother was surprised by news of her marriage

Asked if she approves of Koo, Huang said that she has nothing to say.

“I don’t know. It doesn’t matter to me. Don’t ask me. It’s her husband, not mine. As long as she is happy,” she said.

In another interview, Koo said that he intends to take Barbie to South Korea after their honeymoon.

To that, Barbie’s mother dismissed the idea, saying that the actress will not do such a crazy thing.

“Who will take care of the kids?” she said, referring to the actress’ two children with ex-husband Wang Xiaofei.

Barbie surprised many recently when she confirmed to have married South Korean DJ and rapper Koo Jun-Yup, just a few months after her divorce from Wang. However, this is no strange behaviour from the actress, seeing that she married her former husband, of whom she’d been married to for more than ten years, after meeting him no more than two months.

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Barbie and Koo were once in a relationship 20 years ago

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Instagram, Next Magazine, Oriental Daily)