Annoyed by the constant speculations as to whether the white mark on her forehead was a scar from plastic surgery, Taiwanese singer Annie Yi took to social media to share the truth behind it.

On 23 March, the actress shared several selfies on the social media and e-commerce platform Xiaohongshu to show off the said white mark that people had been talking about, stating that those who know her for a long time would know that the said scar represents a memory of her father.

“When I was young, I had only a few opportunities to get along with my father, and the scar was my connection to him. I had once fell off the stairs and it was my father who took me to the hospital. Although I was very young at the time and had no memory of it, whenever the adults around me talk about it, it seems like I can visualise my father, 1.8 meters tall, picking up a little girl and going to the hospital,” she wrote.

Annie stated that she has no qualms sharing the story to people if they ask her directly about it, but that some will just judge and speculat about it.

“Take a moment, not to suppress yourself, but to observe the thoughts from the sidelines, whether you should say it or not, there will be an answer in your heart,” she added.

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Annie shows the white mark on her forehead that people had been speculating about

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, Straits Times)