Ana Jalandoni recently revealed that the alleged recent abuse she received from actor Kit Thompson was not the first time it has occurred.

In a recent press conference that marked her first public appearance since the alleged incident, Ana revealed that she knew something was wrong the first time he hurt her.

“He has an anger management problem. He gets mad easily,” she said, revealing that Kit slapped her to wake her up in a past incident, when she laid on the bed after a trip to the beach. gif maker 2 3
Ana tearfully recalls her experience during the press conference gif maker 3 1
Ana had shared a photo of her injuries on social media

Ana said that she still has some love for the actor, and that the feelings won’t go away easily, but at the same time, understood that she doesn’t deserve what he did to her.

“I have no thought about getting back together with him right now. What is more important for me is to fight my right as a woman, that what happened to me is unacceptable. But the love is still there,” she admitted.

She also stressed that the previous incident did not involve any third party, but was triggered by Kit’s jealousy.

The actress’s legal rep also revealed that they will be pressing charges against the actor in violation of Section 5 (a) of Republic Act 9262 or the Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act, for allegedly injuring and detaining Ana in a hotel in Tagaytay on 18 March.

Kit publicly confirmed his relationship with the actress when he posted a photo of them together in December 2021, with the caption “Our first date”.

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Ana said that Kit was triggered by his jealousy and fear of her leaving him

(Photo Source: Ana Jalandoni InstagramKit Thompson InstagramABS-CBN)