After previously postponing her wedding plans due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Alice Chan recently revealed that she and her fiancé Dr Aldous Chan will be registering their marriage next month.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TVB actress, who spoke to the media following reports that she has filed her notice of intended marriage, shared that they will be signing their marriage documents in April in a simple ceremony.

“Due to the pandemic, we will only say our oaths and sign the papers. Plus, there are only a maximum of four people that can enter the room, so no friends will be there, nothing extravagant,” she said.

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Alice and Dr Aldous Chan got engaged last November when he popped the question at her 48th birthday bash

Alice is not even taking a day off work for the said ceremony, saying that she will only have a few hours off for it.

“Dr Chan has to start work and there is nothing to do anyway even if you take the time off,” she said.

It is noted that Alice has been filming her new drama, “Return” but the production had to be suspended for the time being after co-star Kalok Chow was tested positive with COVID-19.

(Photo Source: Alice Chan Instagram)