Amid rumours of romance with Barbie Hsu’s ex-husband Wang Xiaofei, actress Zhang Yingying recently took to social media to deny a recent Weibo post about the said businessman.

As reported on Mingpao, the issue sparked after netizens shared the screenshot of a Weibo post allegedly from Zhang, in which she denied romance with Wang.

It read, “Wang Xiaofei has nothing to do with me. He has a relationship with many girls.” gif maker 4
Zhang denies posting this particular Weibo post

Following the viral post, Zhang took to Weibo to share a statement from her lawyer, denying that she ever posted anything related to Wang.

Her legal rep also stated that the Weibo post was forged by others and that it has seriously damaged their client’s reputation.

“The client has authorised the firm to investigate and collect evidence, and relevant parties will be held legally responsible,” it added.

However, Zhang made no attempt to deny or admit whether or not she is now dating Wang.

Zhang, who has been linked to Wang since the businessman’s divorce with Barbie Hsu made the news, was also rumoured to have spent the Lunar New Year with Wang and his mother in Hainan. Wang’s mother Zhang Lan had since denied it, saying that the whole rumour was a big joke.

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Barbie announces split from husband Wang Xiaofei back in November last year

(Photo Source: Min NewsBarbie Hsu Instagram, Wang Xiaofei Instagram)