Tiffany Hsu recently made her first public appearance since announcing her marriage with actor Roy Chiu.

The actress, who attended the press conference of her new drama, “The Ninth Lesson”, was all smiles when asked about married life, saying that she is doing “very good and very happy.”

Talking about her career after marriage, Tiffany stated that there will be no change at all.

“There are too many excellent actors to cooperate with and I cherish every single collaboration with good actors. So no, there will be no difference.”

As for her baby plans, Tiffany said that she will be focusing on work for now and will let fate takes its course.

On the other hand, when mentioned that her ex-boyfriend Ethan Ruan is now in a new relationship, Tiffany said that she has already congratulated him.

“When I got married, he sent me a congratulatory wish, so I responded to him with my blessings too,” she said.

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Tiffany and Roy Chiu tied the knot last year

In her upcoming series, the actress will play the role of a Chinese teacher. Despite how easy it may sound, the actress said that it was no easier than doing a thriller.

“Our drama is filmed in the mountains and at sea. It was either windy or rainy. It was very hard for us physically and psychologically because every character has their own issue,” she said.

(Photo Source: Tiffany Ann Hsu Instagram)