Takuya Kimura has recently bagged his first series in the year 2022 through TV Asahi’s new drama, “10 Counts for the Future” (tentative title).

As reported on Sina, the actor is set to play the role of a man named Shogi Kirisawa, who returned to his high school’s boxing club as a coach 30 years after he quit boxing in college.

According to the synopsis, “The death of his beloved wife, the successive blows made him completely lose hope of life. However, by becoming the boxing coach of his alma mater, he is not only able to change the young men he helps, but also change himself.”

The series also reunites Takuya with screenwriter Yasushi Fukuda, who has previously worked with him on his series like “Hero” and “Change!”

Talking about the project, the actor said, “I have not been in contact with such a role much before, and I have never tried a boxing themed project. I hope to create a different feel with this.”

Screenwriter Yasushi Fukuda said, “This is the third story I have collaborated with Kimura Takuya, and it is also the first work that he and I have discussed in depth. What surprised me is that Kimura Takuya used to be ‘the sun’, and the people around him were ‘the moon’. This time he proposed to be the ‘moon’. The protagonist Kirisawa Shogo played by him in the play will not have a dazzling light, but just like the moon, its light is not bright but beautiful.”

Takuya’s last series was 2021’s “Kyojo 2”, aired on Fuji TV.

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Yasushi previously wrote Takuya’s hit 2001 series, ‘Hero’

(Photo Source: Takuya Kimura Instagram, UDN)