A few days after his wife Au Man Man announced that they are officially divorced, Steven Cheung took to social media to reveal that the two of them have reconciled.

On 31 January, the singer shared a photo of him with Man Man and their two boys, and wrote, “People will always make different mistakes in their life, be it in love, work, family, or friendship, but the most important thing is to reflect on the mistakes after making it and continue moving on.”

“After communicating with my wife in the past few days, we decided to continue the road ahead together. The two of us have a lot to learn, and there is a long, long way to learn together,” he added.

Steven also seemed to hint on another baby on the way, by adding, “The family of five will continue to love each other this way.”

Following the post, Steven shared another family photo on social media on Lunar New Year and wrote, “The Cheung family wishes everyone a Happy New Year and good health.”

It was only last week that Man Man shared the news of their divorce on Instagram Story, writing, “Separation does not mean the end, it just makes life better for everyone. Today we are officially divorced and I sincerely wish you happiness.”

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Steven assured everyone that he and his wife have kissed and made up

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung Instagram)