Stefanie Sun is elated to have her face lighting up the LED billboard in New York Times Square as part of Spotify’s EQUAL Music Program.

Sharing a photo taken from the said location on her Instagram account, Stefanie expressed, “Thank you Spotify, for recognising the women behind each song. For applauding our pursuit of music through our strength and fragility, a relentless journey that all women artistes embrace and endure.”

EQUAL is Spotify’s campaign to support women in the music industry and to stick up for equal opportunities for female musicians around the world.

At the same time, the singer-songwriter is also happy to be featured on the billboard for the second time.

“The first time was a crazy move by fans, while this time is a celebration of efforts of female creators who do their best behind the scenes of every piece of music,” she added.

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Stefanie’s fans previously chipped in to wish her a happy birthday on the digital screen at NY Times Square

It was back in 2018 that her fans decided to take out a four-day ad in Times Square to celebrate her 40th birthday.

Prior to Stefanie, Tanya Chua and Jasmine Sokko also took to social media to share their own images being featured in the same location for the same campaign.

Other Asian singers who were featured include Malaysia’s Yuna, DOLLA and Iman Troye, as well as Philippines’ KZ Tandingan, Kiana V, and Thailand’s Earth Patravee.

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Yuna was also featured on the billboard last year

(Photo Source: Stefanie Sun InstagramYuna InstagramMothership SG)