The mother of a child actress named Guo Guo has recently released an apology online to Taiwanese actor Ming Dao, after causing the backlash against the actor for a recent incident concerning her daughter.

The whole issue sparked recently, after a clip went viral showing the actor expressing his annoyance with a child actress for not behaving as she should during a shoot.

In the video, Ming Dao could be seen looking more annoyed as the shoot went on after the child actress, who was part of the shoot, continued to play around and refused to cooperate, despite co-star Huang Yi trying to help. At one point, the actor stood up and stated that shooting has to stop until the girl behaves herself before walking away.

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Ming Dao looked annoyed as the girl refused to cooperate

The clip reportedly was first shared by the child’s mother, sparking mixed reactions from netizens. While some agreed and blasted the actor for his impatience, others were on Ming Dao’s side instead, saying that it was the mother’s responsibility to manage her child especially in a work setting.

Following the backlash, the mother took to Weibo to apologise, saying that she did not mean to affect an actor’s career, and that she has already deleted the said video.

As for her daughter, the woman said that Guo Guo, who is about to turn six, has a lively personality and loves to play around. She pointed out that Ming Dao had to shoot a lot of scenes and was already very tired, and it would be normal for anyone to be irked by the child’s behaviour. She also stressed that the actor has always been very kind and would invite the crew and Guo Guo herself to a meal or buy gifts for them.

On the other hand, Ming Dao responded through his agent that the situation occurred as the shoot was about to be completed and the cast and crew were already tired. However, he stressed that it was no excuse for how he handled the situation and will learn how to communicate better with children.

(Photo Source: Ming Dao Instagram, Oriental Daily)