Japanese actor Masahiro Higashide is no longer with his agency, Humanite Inc.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, known for movies like “Over Drive: and “We Couldn’t Become Adults” and television series like “xxxHolic” and “Death Note: New Generation”, was revealed to have been dropped by Humanite, with his contract terminated on 14 February.

The agency stated that since his scandal in 2020, they have tried everything to help Masahiro solve his problems and assist him in his return to showbiz. However, the company felt helpless over the issue he caused last year and that the two sides were unable to cooperate, which is why they decided to terminate the contract.

It is noted that there are still many of the actor’s movie projects that were signed prior to the termination, and it is temporarily unknown as to how the two parties will deal with them.

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He was married for five years to Anne Watanabe

Masahiro made headlines for the wrong reason back in 2020, after he was revealed to have been having a 3-year extramarital affair with actress Erika Karata, which included the time when wife Anne Watanabe was pregnant with their third child. Anne is the daughter of Hollywood star Ken Watanabe.

The couple had since ended their 5-year marriage, with the divorce finalised in August the same year.

Then in October last year, he was revealed to have brought his new partner to his studio and nearby hotels for secret meetings while filming his new projects, sparking controversy yet again.

Masahiro previously apologised for his scandal

(Photo Source: Arama Japan, ET Today)