Nobody was more disappointed over Nicholas Tse’s Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) Best Actor snub than manager Mani Fok, who shared her feelings to the media recently.

The artiste manager stated that “Raging Fire” was a big deal for Nic, who made his movie comeback for the sake of the late director Benny Chan.

“Despite the pandemic changing the release period over and over again, it did not affect the box office at all. Nic also won many awards in China with this movie, so I was surprised that he was not shortlisted this time,” she said.

Mani also stated that she had seen how hard Nic worked and had thought that the actor would have it in his bag.

“The only consolation is that he got the support of netizens,” she added. gif maker 1 6
Nic stars in ‘Raging Fire’ alongside Donnie Yen

Asked if Nic himself was unhappy by the result, Mani stated that the actor did not show it at all.

“In fact, he has already reached a “grand slam”, having won Best New Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Actor at the HKFA before. So, not being nominated will not affect his enthusiasm and ambition for films,” she said.

Although Nic was not nominated this year, he would truly be happy that his dad Patrick Tse is nominated by the HKFA for the first time through his movie “Time”. The 85-year-old veteran star has already won the Best Actor accolade at the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards last month.

(Photo Source: SINA, AsiaOne)