Following rumours that Mandy Wong has been cast to replace Samantha Ko in the new Chinese drama, “Yin Niang”, another source is saying that there is no truth to the speculations at all.

According to HK01, earlier, it was reported that TVB was unhappy with Samantha, the alleged original choice for the said series, as the actress is planning not to renew her contract and instead choose to focus on her career in mainland China.

It was also alleged that Samantha had since been ejected from the said drama, which will co-star Shaun Tam, Qin Lan, and Cheryl Yang. Instead, she will be replaced with Mandy Wong, who would be filming the said drama after completing all her outdoor shoots for her new series, “Hidden Door”.

However, recent reports stated that Mandy has already been confirmed for “Yin Niang” for a while now.

In fact, the crew of “Hidden Door” has already been notified regarding the project and to make sure that Mandy could be released early. The actress reportedly will return for the reshoot in June after completing the mainland drama.

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Samantha Ko reportedly was ousted from the drama and replaced by Mandy

(Photo Source: Mandy Wong Instagram, Samantha Ko Instagram)