While some celebrity couples would rather not risk working together in a movie or a television project for fear of having quarrels on set, Him Law stated that he is lucky that he and wife Tavia Yeung got along well on the set of “Modern Dynasty”.

In a recent interview with Mingpao, the actor sang praises for his actress wife, saying that Tavia has always been a considerate person who would never use their time at home to discuss about their work on the set.

“We leave some freedom in our work. Neither of us would discuss each other’s performances. This time I play an antagonistic character, so I wanted to grasp the hostile atmosphere. In the drama, I hated her, but I am able to withdraw from the character quickly when we’re at home,” he said.

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Him Law and Tavia Yeung work together in “Modern Dynasty”

Him also revealed that the two of them spent a lot of time together after work.

“We would have dinner after the shoot and return to the hotel. And then we would have a video call with our kids. It’s like a long honeymoon,” he said.

When asked if their kids would get confused seeing their mum and dad being hostile to one another in the drama, Him said that they are still incapable of understanding such a thing, but that he will explain it when they are much older.

Asked if he and Tavia would play husband and wife in future dramas, Him said that he used to be against it, but is changing his mind after the good reception from fans.

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Tavia Yeung and Him Law are parents to two children

(Photo Source: Tavia Yeung Instagram, Him Law Instagram)