Gillian Chung recently opened up about her previous marriage with Taiwanese aesthetic doctor Michael Lai, saying that she was actually planning to get pregnant prior to their divorce.

HK01 reported that the singer, who hosted the show, “Because They Are Friends” (translated title) alongside duo partner Charlene Choi and best buddy Joey Yung, spoke about the said plan in the latest episode, after manager and good friend Mani Fok revealed that Gillian had longed to be a mother and give birth to her own child.

Admitting to it, Gillian revealed that following their marriage in May 2018, she began actively preparing for pregnancy and gained a lot of weight because of it.

Gillian Chung admits she was eager to have a baby, celeb asia, gillian chung, theHive.Asia
The singer opened up about her desire to have a child

“I gained more than 20 pounds and everyone was surprised when they saw me. Some asked if I was planning to get pregnant while others asked if I was pregnant,” she said.

She also revealed that despite her desire to have a baby, Michael had just opened an aesthetic clinic then and had not been able to travel back to Hong Kong to do the deed, which delayed their plan.

“It didn’t happen. The plan couldn’t keep up with the changes,” she said.

Gillian and Michael divorced not long after, and thus ended their less than 2-year marriage. The latter, on the other hand, who previously declared that he will never marry again, revealed recently that he has registered his marriage with new partner Alice, and that they are welcoming their child soon.

(Photo Source: Gillian Chung Instagram, HK01)