Coleen Garcia is elated to be back to work again, nearly two years since she gave birth to her first son.

The actress, who is making her return via the action-drama film, “Adarna Gang”, stated that the reason she hasn’t done a movie for so long was not just because of her son Amari, who was born in September 2020, but also due to the pandemic.

“I missed [working] so much and I am excited to be back and be a part of a really good story,” she said.

Despite that, Coleen said that she will still carefully choose the kind of projects that she would do in the future, saying that she has to pick the projects she believes in for her to give it her all.

The actress also admitted that she was almost intimidated working with her co-stars like Mark Anthony Fernandez, JC Santos and Diego Loyzaga, as it’s been a while since she starred in a movie.

“If the role was emotional, I forgot to be emotional. I forgot how to be sad or angry. Those were the things that I had to dig into myself. I think that was very challenging for me. I had to prepare from home and give everything I had when I arrived on set,” she said.

Despite her elation of being able to work again, Coleen stressed that Amari is always a priority for her.

“Everything I plan, it’s all for him and he’s taken into consideration every single time. If I can say it in the shortest, possible way, having a baby is definitely life-changing for me,” she added.

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Coleen is married to TV host Billy Crawford

(Photo Source: Coleen Garcia Instagram)