Bettina Carlos recently decided to be open about her miscarriage, as she shared her heartbreaking experience on social media.

On 2 February, the TV personality shared the sad news on her Instagram account, saying, “We were pregnant and then no more.”

“To all the mothers who have lost their children before they could even hold them, feel them, see them (in the flesh or ultrasound), may you too find peace in this: God’s purposes for the lives of our unborn children were fully fulfilled however long or short they were IN us. Their lives did not go to waste,” she posted.

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Bettina: We were pregnant and then no more

“And in the same way, YOU, if you are still breathing that means God’s purpose for you is not yet fulfilled-hence your very life and every breath.”

Although saddened by her loss, Bettina expressed her gratitude for the chance to experience the joy of carrying her child even for a short while.

“Thank you [Lord] for the assurance that one day, in heaven, we will see and be with our child. Thank you for what You give when You take away. What we gain from this loss,” she added.

In another post, she thanked everybody for their prayers and encouragement, and assured that she is healing fast and well following her miscarriage.

Bettina tied the knot with boyfriend Mikki Eduardo back in December 2020. She is also a mother to daughter Amanda from a previous relationship.

(Photo Source: Bettina Carlos Instagram)