Several months following her breakup with DJ Kate Jagdon, Miss Universe-PH Beatrice Luigi Gomez recently decided to break her silence about the split, accusing the DJ of cheating on her.

The beauty queen shared her side of the story in a lengthy Instagram Story statement, saying that she decided to do so for her own peace of mind.

“I already decided to stay quiet after people accused me of so many things. I chose to compartmentalise my own personal baggages and set it aside to focus on representing Cebu City for MUPH and after that focused all my energy in training and working hard for the Miss Universe competition. Aside from the pressure of representing the country, I had to suffer being scrutinised by people who didn’t know my side of the story,” she said.

However, Beatrice stated that she has had enough of the continuous harassment she and her loved ones received from trolls, who accused her of using LGBT community for clout.

“Until the night before the Miss Universe finals I continued to receive messages from her followers, friends, and family about how they wished I’d lose because ‘I made her life miserable when I decided to break up with her. I can only endure so much for too long. It is hard to advocate for mental health when I myself struggled through pressure, anxiety, and even depression.” gif maker 9
Beatrice and Kate during the good times

The beauty queen stated that the real reason she broke off her relationship with Kate was due to the fact that she discovered Kate had been cheating on her for over a year.

“After a series of confrontations, I learned that she had already been entertaining a person named ‘Adam’ for over a year during our relationship, she’s made out with someone, made a move on other girls, and have been going out more often than usual that there were even times she wouldn’t come home for days. I wouldn’t know where she was or who she was with. I didn’t recognise her anymore and things began to change. People warned me about what she’s been doing and yet I continued to defend her and even tried my best to make it work,” she said.

Beatrice added that Kate made herself the victim and letting the sympathy pour her way.

Finally, she expressed her gratitude for everybody who supported her and hopes that both she and Kate will be able to move forward. She added that she didn’t regret the six years of their relationship and loved Kate until the last day they were together.

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Beatrice recently went Insta-official with her new beau

(Photo Source: Beatrice Gomez Instagram, The Filipino Times)