Tam Mei Kam, mother of the late Hong Kong diva Anita Mui, recently made the news again – this time for severing ties with her son, Peter Mui Kai Ming.

As reported on Singtao, Tam, known by her moniker Mama Mui, announced the news in a newspaper with a statement that read, “I, Tam Mei Kam, and my son Mui Kai Ming, have broken off our mother-son relationship. After this, all the affairs of Mui Kai Ming have nothing to do with me.”

In an interview with the media, Mama Mui alleged that her son was in debt, though declined to elaborate further.

When asked about it, Mui Kai Ming acknowledged that he owed money, but stressed that it was only tens of thousands of yuan. He also added that it was because of Tam herself who wanted to see her grandson, and that prompted him to borrow money to bring his family from Malaysia to Hong Kong and to quarantine in a hotel.

He also pointed out that Mama Mui refused to communicate with him before the Lunar New Year and chose to stay in hospital rather than see him.

“She treats me like an enemy now. There is no hope of survival,” he added.

Tam’s announcement is not a surprising one, however, as she previously threatened to disown her son if he goes through with his lawsuit against Edko Films for the release of the movie, “Anita”.

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Mui Kai Ming previously said he wants to file a lawsuit against ‘Anita’ producer

(Photo Source: HK01On CC)